Episode 50: Surfing the "Bu", the Heartbreak of Miscarriage & Navigating Social Media As Adults

January 29, 2020

Episode 50: Surfing the

Highlights from the Show

  • What it’s really like to grow up in Malibu, California
  • Slide Lady Slide
  • The heartbreaking topic of miscarriage
  • How to build a successful instagram account in your 40's
  • Carla’s longboarding series, coming in February! 

The Surf Institute: Link

Carla Zamora Personal Website: Link

Slide Lady Slide Instagram: Link

Traveler Surf Club Longboarding Class Signup: Link

Carla Zamora Personal Instragram: Link

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COVID-19: Tips for Boosting Immunity & Creating a Daily Mindfulness Practice
COVID-19: Tips for Boosting Immunity & Creating a Daily Mindfulness Practice

March 19, 2020

What foods, vitamins and herbs should you stock up on to boost your immunity during COVID-19? How do you fiercely protect your morning and start off with a mindfulness practice, versus getting into the negative news / social media demands that will be waiting for you regardless? Tune into this recap of the Salted Spirit "Wellness for Waterwomen" virtual session where my expert guest speakers tackle these very topics with tangible tips and tricks! Also, join us every Sunday morning for a new live virtual session addressing different topics to tackle while we are all home, all inspired by mother ocean. 

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Episode 56: The Philosophy of Slow Fashion and Even Slower Living
Episode 56: The Philosophy of Slow Fashion and Even Slower Living

March 11, 2020

You never really arrive...” was one of the most impactful statements from my podcast interview with Em & Olly, the co-founders of swimwear brand Raw x Salt. They join me from Coffs Harbour, Australia to talk about sustainability, motherhood and their definition of a beautiful mess. We dig into the complexities and joys of female partnerships, how they finally made the leap to entrepreneurship and their inspiration to do better for the ocean through their slow fashion philosophy. Olly is originally from Russia but saw the devastating effects of waste while working in the airline industry, while Em worked directly in fashion and physically had allergic reactions to chemicals while unpacking boxes of merchandise. As a result of their experiences they are collectively taking a stand for the environment and going against the grain of what we’re accustomed to with throwaway swimwear and fast fashion.

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Episode 55: An Exquisite Metamorphosis: Nix Joubert
Episode 55: An Exquisite Metamorphosis: Nix Joubert

March 05, 2020

Nix Joubert invites us onto her boathouse in Cornwall, UK. It’s high tide there, the hammock is swinging and Nix is surrounded by watery goodness in her meditation studio. She’s about to take us through her exquisite metamorphosis. It all started with a calling to the Nicaraguan jungle for meditation training, followed by a cancer diagnosis, stories of motherhood, a broken marriage and through it all, leading with smiles, light & grit. If you’ve attended one of my Wellness for Waterwomen events, Nix is the mastermind behind the besoke meditations I close with at the end of each workshop, and she’ll have your whole body purring. Her meditations include a treasure chest of secrets; sunshine, breathing, feeling and moving with joy, water, smiling and more. If you’re a beginner or you’ve fallen off the meditation wagon, Nix walks us through a place to start today. After all, you can’t stay clean from yesterday’s shower, and you can’t stay clean from yesterday’s meditation.

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